Beautiful and functional, all while keeping clutter at bay. These baskets truly do it all. Handwoven and made with locally-sourced palm leaves, these baskets are lightweight, durable, and stand up to the day-to-day. Perfect for stashing blankets, books, laundry, or towels – we promise you’ll want one (or two) for every room.


  • Organically sourced
  • Nature-based materials
  • Handmade
  • Sturdy and durable

Available models:

  • Upholstery cylinder, height 26cm, diameter 33cm
  • Upholstery cylinder, height 31cm, diameter 35cm
  • Upholstery cylinder, height 36cm, diameter 40cm
  • Square basket with handle 30×30, height 30cm
  • Square basket with handle 35×35, height 35cm
  • Square basket with handle 40×40, height 40cm
  • Upholstery cylinder with handle, bottom 30cm, height 25cm
  • Upholstery cylinder with handle, bottom 34cm, height 32cm
  • Upholstery cylinder with handle, bottom 40cm, height 36cm

Products available for international sales: individual pieces in bulk amounts for businesses and sets for private customers, subject to availability.

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