The Team


Stella Fazlollahi

Stella is the founder and CEO of DASH Design. She has degrees in psychology and arts. With a passion for arts and culture, she is an expert on Persian handicrafts as well as introducing new trends and fusing Western and Eastern cultures.


Arian Kermanchi

Arian is more than just a software developer and web designer. Apart from developing the website of DASH Design, he is in charge of a broad variety of tasks from market research to finances. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and music.


Alexandra Petrova

Alexandra is a graphic designer and a photographer. She has consulted various Finnish companies with marketing and design; she is passionate about art and visuals.

Email addresses are firstname.lastname@dashdesign.fi

Zarin Porcelain Industries


Zarin Porcelain Industries, a family owned business with a background of over 130 years of experience in Ceramics, was established in 1984 as a brand representing high quality products. Utilizing the latest technology and findings in this field, Zarin Porcelain is considered a pioneer fine porcelain manufacturer in the Middle East and one of the most technologically advanced porcelain producers in the world.

Area: 150000 SQ.M

Number of Employees: 1100

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