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Ever since the economic sanctions against Iran were lifted, we received many requests for facilitating trade and cooperation between Iranian partners and the European market. However, with the United States’ unilateral reimposition of sanctions, most of these activities came to a standstill. Now, with the new US government in power, there is ongoing effort to continue where we left off nearly four years ago. An example is the upcoming Europe-Iran Business Forum 2021.

Our market analysis has shown that one of the key markets with great potential is the dried fruits, nuts and seeds market. Iran is a major producer in this area and, with the advent of healthy eating habits and diets in Europe, the demand for this product group is also rising in the continent.

Business with Iran

A bright future awaits…

Due to the lifting of the sanctions and a more business-oriented environment, real GDP growth is projected to reach 4.2 percent and 4.6 percent in 2016 and 2017, respectively. On the expenditure side, consumption, investment, and exports are expected to be the main drivers.

  • Projected GDP Growth Percentage*

Source: The World Bank

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